Lemonheads Candy: Return to Your Childhood

Lemonheads Candy has an awesome taste. It's sweet and tart without tasting like a Sweet Tart. They have a sweet candy inside coating but are have a coating that has real lemon juice.

This gives the Lemonheads intense lemon flavor with real lemon pucker power.

lemonheads candy and other candy available Did you know that there are almost 5,000 pieces of lemonheads made every minute?

They're good for sharing with other people since they're so cheap to buy.

Lemonheads are also good for buying and reselling. There will always be kids who want to buy these, and there are plenty of adults who will want to relive their childhood. Not to mention, some adult never outgrow their taste--including the adult writing this.

Lemonheads are made by Ferrara Pan based in a Chicago-Area suburb called Franklin Park, IL. Ferrara Pan was founded in 1908. This is the same company that also makes Boston Baked Beans, Atomic Fireballs, those little tiny Red Hots, and many more things.

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You can buy Bulk Lemonheads in many different varieties:

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There are a lot of ways that you can enjoy Lemonheads. While they do not have a lot of nutritional value (Okay, probably not any!), they do taste really good, and they're not expensive. Of course, while they might remind of your childhood, don't expect them to work like the Fountain of Youth. They will take you back in time, but they will not turn back the clock, unfortunately.

Lemonheads Candy = Fun for Profit

Lemoheads candy gives a business owner a chance to make money while making kids smile.

The little (and larger sized) candies get children excited and former children great memories.

As with anything, the benefit of buying bulk lemonheads (or any other product) is that a guaranteed order gets smaller pricing. This is because there tend to be fewer productions costs. However, the biggest reasons are that buying in bulk reduces packaging and shipping costs. Plus, the candy production become a lot more predictable and, therefore, more profitable and smooth running.

Children tend to spend on things because they are cheap, not because they are a good deal. I am not saying that you should rip off little children, but you should know that most children will be happy buying and eating sweets that are in a convenient place for them to buy (on the way home from school or while walking with a friend in the neighborhood) at a price that is somewhat competitive.

It's a true win-win.

You make a simple purchase--in bulk--and they buy them individually at a higher price. That price, however, is affordable to them. So they're happy. You're happy, of course, because you have a source of making money without having to work very hard to get it.